The World is Our Oyster.
We bring global education experiences to students around the world.

A Little Learning provides global education experiences ranging from

  • Collaborative Learning Programmes
  • Writing Workshops
  • Global Interdisciplinary & Experiential Learning Journeys
  • Careers & Networking Exposure

We offer these programmes for students studying in or aspiring to pursue their education in Singapore to give them a head start for a successful career. Through our platform, students gain valuable opportunities, guidance and a supportive network from industry professionals and mentors.

  • Top left: Participants at a mangrove clean-up activity to learn about environmental sustainability
  • Top right: Learning journey to FusionWorld where students learn about A*STAR’s innovations
  • Bottom: Visit to one of A*STAR’s laboratory

Meet New People

Forge New Perspectives

Discover New Places

Helen Keller once said, ‘Alone, we can do little, Together, we can do so much’.

We believe in the power of human networks. A Little Learning channels the energy and ideas from people of diverse backgrounds to connect businesses and people into charting new journeys. Our team of content curators have their fingers on the pulse of 21st century learners. We keep abreast with the latest trends in the education industry, and through collaboration with subject experts and professionals, we strive to put together innovative programmes that breathe new life into the realm of education travel.

  • Top: Closing Party of the YNC APMUN 2015, co-organised by A Little Learning, which saw the participation of close to 1000 participants
  • Bottom left: A rare behind-the scenes guided tour to the operating theatre at Hamamatsu University Hospital
  • Bottom right: Students with Dr Leona Esaki (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973) who shared about his life and career

We specialise in designing and implementing programmes for a global education experience. Through our programmes, students become responsible global citizens that appreciate the beauty of the world around them. We integrate education and social activism for all age groups (i.e educational travel). Our core business is rooted in our experience and expertise to help our clients deliver successful and enjoyable programmes. We are also passionate about treading new and uncharted frontiers, so feel free to drop us a call – we would be more than happy to hear about your projects.

  • Top: Exchange programme with a local school in Japan
  • Bottom: Networking dinner with faculty from Hamamatsu University College of Medicine

Our Track Record

A few notable conferences we helped initiate and put together are the Yale-NUS Asia Pacific Model United Nations Conference, Tsukuba Science Edge (Japan) and Global Science Link (Singapore).

Some of our working partners include Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Studies, Cardiff Sixth Form College (UK), Carl-Friedrich-Gauss Gymnasium Hockenheim (Germany), Palmerston North Boys’ and Girls’ High School (New Zealand), Japan Science Technology Agency, Hamamatsu Photonics (Japan), JTB Corporation, Pak Kau College (Hong Kong), Yale-NUS College, Singapore Tourism Board, National University of Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa.

  • Top Left: Learning journey to S.E.A Aquarium where students learn about wildlife preservation
  • Top right: Students with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Vivian Balakrishnan at Yale-NUS APMUN Conference in 2016
  • Bottom: Group photo taken in gymnasium in Hockenheim, Germany.